Asbestos Control in Memphis and Surrounding Shelby County

Asbestos - a material known for its strong fibers and heat resistance, but also for its potential health risks. Due to the severe implications of asbestos exposure, various regulatory measures are set in place, especially around renovation and demolition activities. This article provides detailed insights into the Shelby County Health Department's stewardship over such activities, as well as the crucial role of Asbestos Removal Labs and related entities.

Posted by Editor on November 10, 2023


Asbestos Regulations and their Implications

The Air Pollution Control Section of the Shelby County Health Department, facilitates regulations pertaining to demolition and renovation activities involving asbestos. These regulations exist in accordance to the Shelby County Air Code and the Memphis City Air Code, which form the backbone of local Asbestos Regulations.

Asbestos Survey Prior to Construction

To maintain quality control and ensure adherence to regulations, an asbestos survey must be conducted before the commencement of any demolition or renovation activity. Only accredited persons in accordance with the Tennessee Asbestos Accreditation Rule are permitted to conduct these surveys. The importance of these surveys is emphasized by the Staff Directory • Asbestos Control who ensure such procedures are meticulously followed.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal

The removal of Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM) must take place before any construction activity. Only trained individuals, familiar with emission control and disposal requirements, can remove RACM. The subsequent transport of the asbestos-containing material to a landfill must be permitted to receive asbestos, a process that can be facilitated through reliable Shelby County Solid Waste Management entities.

Role of Memphis Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Removal Labs

Memphis plays a critical role within Shelby County's asbestos regulatory environment. Asbestos Removal near Memphis, TN provides certified Asbestos Removal Labs, which work hand-in-hand with ASBESTOS | ECT MEMPHIS for comprehensive building inspections.

Memphis Air Quality Improvement

Air Quality Improvement is an essential aspect of managing asbestos in Shelby County. The Shelby County Health Dept - Pollution Control Section plays a pivotal role in ensuring appropriate measures are taken to improve air quality, thus reducing the potential health risks associated with poor air quality due to asbestos pollution.

Asbestos Abatement or Removal

Tennessee requires businesses to obtain a license or certification before providing asbestos abatement services. In addition to asbestos specific licenses, several states require asbestos abatement companies to obtain a generic contractor license. Asbestos abatement businesses in North Dakota are required to hold a Secretary of State issued contractor license along with their Department of Health issued asbestos contractor license.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral used in many products due to its heat resistance and strong fibers. However, asbestos is also known for its health risks, which have led to stringent regulations around its use.

How are asbestos regulations enforced in Shelby County?

The Air Pollution Control Section of the Shelby County Health Department regulates activities involving asbestos. This includes conducting asbestos surveys and the proper removal and disposal of Asbestos-containing materials.

What role does Memphis play in asbestos control?

Memphis houses several Asbestos Removal Labs and plays a key role in improving air quality. Memphis authorities also facilitate compliant and risk-free demolition and renovation activities.

In conclusion, knowledge about asbestos and its proper management is vital for those living in areas where asbestos is prevalent. For accurate and up-to-date Asbestos Information, always refer to reliable health departments or environmental agencies.

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